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Top Wellness Trends To Watch In 2019

As time moves on, wellness has become a huge industry, with many products promising you the world. But, there are some that have caught my eye and that have worked for me, and my friends. These are ones you won’t want to miss out on as we go throughout the year!

Celery Juice

Celery Juice is Everywhere

Sure, you’ve probably seen celery juice photos all over your Instagram feed, but 2019 is the year you’ll start to see it on restaurant menus and in your local grocery stores. It’s great for energy, better digestion and your skin will look better just by drinking this concoction. How do you make it? Blend four to five stalks of celery with filtered water for a few minutes and then run through a strainer.


Meditation In Just A Few Clicks

In the past, you would need to get a book, or venture out to meditate. Now, meditation is more accessible than every before thanks to apps on your phone. The more mainstream it becomes, the more it can help people feel great. There are countless apps to look into including Headspace Calm and Shine.
A bonus is they all send out free, daily motivational texts besides teaching you how to meditate!


Get Used To Hearing About CBD Oil

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a a non-hallucinogenic marijuana plant extract, that has taken the world by storm recently. It’s being added to everything from skin care creams to dog food and is claiming to be a miracle for other health related issues. 2019 promises to be the year where CBD becomes even more popular for helping everyone feel well.


Working Out At Home Is Cool Again

Want to stay home and shed some pounds? Then, 2019 is your year. With Peloton, which revolutionized the home biking workout with live streamed spinning classes, to other live streamed classes, there’s plenty of reasons to stay home to get your wellness in.


There’s More To Health Than Diet & Exercise

Sure, keeping healthy by eating right is incredibly important, as is proper exercise, but focusing on your mind is the key to wellness and happiness. Get on a path in life and work, and your outlook on life with take off five-fold!