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My Top Tips for Traveling With a Baby

Traveling with my daughter Stone is always an adventure it’s a combination of work and play. Traveling with babies can be a learning experience, especially when there are long-haul flights and jet lag involved, but I’ve picked up a few tricks to make the whole process less stressful. Here are my top tips for traveling with a baby, including what to pack and how to prepare.

Jetset Style

Being comfortable is key but you also want to look smart and stylish on a flight. I’ll be wearing pieces from my CRK x VIMMIA capsule collection which are practical while still being chic, pairing the cozy Stevie Jumper with my oversized cotton High Waisted Sweatpants for ultimate comfort. I’ll complete the look with my luxe Outback Convertible Coat.

Stone’s Style

It’s always worth bringing at least two to three changes of clothing, in case of any unexpected spills and messes on the flight. I’ll be styling Stone in this snuggly Alpaca sweater and jogger set from Bacabuche, with these Misha & Puff leggings and cardigan as a back-up option.

Packing Vice

Bring some of your baby’s own sheets and blankets along with you – familiar scents from home will help them sleep better in a new environment.

Quick Snacks to Park



Plan as much as you can in advance, from what to pack, what to eat to how you’re going to entertain them on the flight. Be prepared to be flexible – parenting-on-the-go doesn’t always go precisely as planned.

Try to organize flights during naptime – Wherever possible, book flights that coincide with your baby’s regular sleep schedule. Keeping any disruptions to their normal sleep schedule to a minimum will make traveling more enjoyable for everyone. Choose your seat carefully – if your baby weighs between 20-30 pounds try to reserve a bulkhead seat so you can make full use of the bassinet.

Consider using a baby equipment rental service – There’s only so much you can take with you on a long-haul flight, but there may be certain pieces that you know your baby won’t be able to live without. Think about using a baby hire service like Baby’s Away or Air Tots, where everything from high chairs, cribs and play boxes can be delivered to your final destination.

Stick to your usual time zone

If you’re planning a quick getaway, consider keeping your baby on a schedule that’s as close to your original time zone as possible. If you’ll be away for a longer period of time, babies do normally naturally adjust to the local time zone after around three days.

Get TSA PreCheck and Global Entry TSA

Signing up for these services makes it much quicker to get through airport security which means shorter lines, faster screening and an easier experience at customs when traveling internationally.