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How To Pick The Perfect Baby Name

Picking a baby name is easy for some parents and can be really hard for other parents. After all, you want the name to be unique, possibly have some family history, and be a relatable name. Some say you can’t really pick the perfect name, but when it comes to choosing a name, you’ll know when you’ve chosen the right one.

Do your homework and research

There are countless books and resources to find inspiration for the perfect baby name. Look through books that have inspired you over the years, and if you find something you like, make a note of it. Keep it in a special place, so when the time comes you have a list that will suite your baby perfectly! Once you find a good list, narrow it down and try to find meaning with the name.

Ignore what others say

It can be tempting once you find some options to go to your friends and family, but you should try not to reach out to others for opinions. You will know when you find the right name, and it doesn’t matter what anyone says. But, you will want to listen to what your significant other has to say!

Do a pronunciation quiz

When you find a name, say it out loud and see whether it will be hard for others to spell, or pronounce. Write the name down on a piece of paper and ask friends and family to pronounce it. If it’s hard to say, or people are mispronouncing it, you may want to skip over it in favor of another name!

Think of people you’d like to honor

There are many ways to pay homage to someone without directly naming them after that person. Some of your grandparents or parents names may be out of style, but if you want to make their names and memory live on, you can use pieces of their name to do it. You can honor a loved one by using their first initial in your new baby name.

Look everywhere for inspiration

Sure, there are websites, and other sources, but try to veer off the beaten path of books and look to other places and sources for names. Look in newspapers and magazines – at the subjects and the article names. Sometimes a writer’s name may just be the one that sticks. Think of places you’ve traveled, or visited. Or, think of movies you’ve watched, designers you admire, or someone historical.

One day your baby wont be a baby

Babies grow up. Sometimes a baby’s name doesn’t work as well as an adult. Make sure to pick a name you can see your child growing with!