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4 Ways to Maintain Friendships in Your 40’s

Remember the days when it was easy to keep in touch with your friends? If you’re in your 40’s, chances are your career and family are taking up most of your time. But, there are ways to break through the chaos of work, family, kids, and the daily chores. Having friends is different in your 40’s than it is when you’re younger – we look for less drama, and more solid friendships. Want to keep and maintain your friends in your 40’s, here’s my guide:

Be Forgiving

If you’ve been friends with someone long enough, the chances are you have said things you didn’t mean and had things said to you. Maintain your important friendships by letting go of the drama and focusing on the positive aspects of your friends. With the chaos of daily life, we all have bad days and sometimes say hurtful things. Forgive and forget.


Friendships, like any other relationship need communication. And constant communication to stay healthy. If something comes up, tell your friend. And, don’t just text. Pick up the phone like the old days! Phone conversations are more satisfying and allow you to hear the tone of the other person.

Quality over Quantity

When you’re in college, you likely had hundreds of friends. From the random friend in class to your bar mates, you accumulated friends all over the place. As you get older, it’s about quality over quantity. Your closest friends in your 40’s are probably the ones who will be by your side when your parents get sick, or for major life events. These people matter, so choose carefully!

Find Common Ground

As you get older, your world is defined by either being single and going out to the newest restaurants, or if you have kids, your children’s lives and their friends parents become important in your life. Find those in your life who enrich your life and partake in the same activities as you do!