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5 Monday Morning Tasks To Start Your Week Off Right
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Monday. It’s scary for almost anyone who has a job, or even those who don’t. It’s the start of the work-week and the end of the relaxing weekend. To start off your week right, follow these tips:

1.) Get Started Early

Getting up early will allow you to start your day off right. If you arrive at work a little earlier, you can get a jump start on your tasks and start your Monday without the chaos of being behind. Take time to reflect on your priorities for the week and then begin your day!

2.) Set A Goal For The Week

Time can go by fast. Each Monday, set a new goal for the week so time doesn’t get wasted. As you write your week’s goal, reflect on if you were successful on last week’s goal. You can then find out how to improve.

3.) Set a Schedule

Setting a schedule can help you organize your days. Set aside time for emails, for deep work, meetings, and other activities. Think about who you need to meet during the week and use Monday to set the meetings up.

4.) Assess Upcoming Challenges

During any work week, challenges come up all the time. If you take some time on Monday each week to think about what problems and challenges can pop up, you can work on solving them and keep these aspects out of distracting you from the big picture!