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Ways To Finding A New Normal With A New Baby

Let’s face it: having a baby is rewarding, but also comes with its challenges of finding your rhythm in life. Between pregnancy, labor, delivery and the excitement surrounding the new addition to your life, there’s one area that’s rarely focused on: what happens next. I’ve put together a list of how to find your new normal after taking home your precious addition.

1.) Start With A Schedule

Schedule, schedule, schedule. You hear it over and over, but it’s one of the most important things you can do for you and your new baby. Start your little tot on a schedule the day you bring him or her home from the hospital. This will really help you get regulated and bring some organization to your new chaotic life!


2.) Know Your Baby’s Routine

Setting a routine for your baby and being flexible with things that come up can make life easier. Learn from a Mommy and Me class how your baby’s needs change throughout each phase of their newborn months. How many naps they need at each stage, how long they should stay awake in between those naps are just some routines to keep in mind. You’ll find it a huge help and once you set your baby’s routine, this will help you set the pace for yourself.  Baby “How To” books are a great way to learn more too!

3.) Find Mom & Dad Time

You may work a lot in addition to your husband working many long hours. So, setting specific times for you both to be with the baby will help build a great routine. Whether its bath time or putting your little tot to bed, you’ll love finding the time together.

4.) Coexistence Is Key

You may want to build your routine around your baby’s but it is important that they are also part of yours so you aren’t at home all of the time. Offer them on the go naps here and there so you can get out. This will really help your psyche.