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Italy’s Best Cities for Food
Italy Food

The country of Italy evokes many thoughts. Beautiful towns, vistas, mountains, oceans, beaches, and, of course food. What are some of Italy’s best cities for food? Head to Rome for spaghetti alla carbonara, Venice to get fresh fish by the Grand Canal, and pasta in any other city in Italy.


Sicily is known for many food specialties, including their Arancini, and fried rice balls. You can travel down any street and you might find anything from meat ragu to mozzarella to peas. Other specialties in Sicily include their favorite street food of chickpea fritters served in between a bread like a sandwich (also known as panelle) Everyone must sample their doughy and spongy version of pizza (pane e pannelle), spaghetti ai ricci with seafood and of course, cannoli’s!



One of Rome’s most famous dish is their spaghetti alla carbonara, which you’ve likely had elsewhere. But, there’s nothing like having it in Rome. Roman cuisine is loved for being exceedingly flavorful, simple and tasty. Some favorites that are best served in Rome include their Fiori di Zuzza, or battered zucchini flowers stuffed with mozzarella and anchovies.




Tuscany’s capital prides itself as the place where Italian gastronomy began and it’s not hard to see why. Stroll past the stalls at Mercato Centrale, Florence’s main indoor food market, where you’ll find fresh pasta, cheese, and Italian desserts!



One of Italy’s most famous destinations, Venice, is known for St. Marks Square, Doge’s Palace, Rialto Bridge, and of course, delicious Italian eats. Try cicchetti, small snacks that are authentic to Venice. The tasty morsels are covered in everything from prosciutto and gorgonzola to creamy salt cod called baccalà. The food stalls at Rialto Market offer plenty of authentic Italian food, and you can get fresh fish by the Grand Canal.


Long a Mediterranean destination for travelers, Portofino is a charming harbor city with stunning vistas that are matched only by the incredible and tasty food. Given it sits on the sea, it’s no surprise their pasta and main dishes are seafood heavy. Make sure to try Ristorante Puny, located close to the harbor, and the local favorite eatery Taverna del Marinaio for fresh seafood and great desserts.