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Chic Paris Drinking Lounges

When it comes to art, fashion, food and drink, Parisians know how to deliver. The lounge scene in Paris is unparalleled and one of the best in the world. Walk any street, and you’re likely to run into a hidden gem, or one of the most popular lounges in the city. Here are my favorites:

Le Bar des Prés

Step into an atmosphere that is warm and softly lit. Le Bar des Pres feels like you’re walking into a bar that not many people know about, a secret of sorts. And, that is what makes it so appealing. The Saint Germain lounge by Cyril Lignac also features a Japanese restaurant worthy of the visit.  Drinks like Tokyo Garden stand out with Hendrick’s gin, shizo, sake, yuzu juice, and lychee juice. Whatever you order, be prepared for creative cocktails that never disappoint.


Hôtel de Crillon

Hôtel de Crillon

Situated inside a timeless landmark that doubles as one of the finest hotels in the city, Hôtel de Crillon’s bar exudes Parisian elegance.  This is THE PLACE to sip on cocktails as you look up and admire the ceiling (a registered landmark) as you listen to lively music each night of the week. One of my favorite parts of the bar is the Baccarat crystal elephant in the bar, which was created for the Paris World Fair in 1878. Make sure not to miss their exclusive list of Champagnes to choose from.

the ritz paris bar
The Bar Hemingway – Ritz Paris

The history is rich inside the bar at the Ritz Paris. The Bar Hemingway, with rich wood walls, hosted visitors ranging from famed composer Cole Porter,  F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, Gary Cooper and hundreds of others. This is a must visit whether you’re staying at the Ritz or not. Elegance is abound with tufted leather chairs and booths, old-world sconces, and an interior that matches with the libations they serve.

Hotel Costes

The Costes Bar –  Hotel Costes

Located at the Hotel Costes, one of the best and most fashionable luxury hotels in Paris, the Costes bar and lounge is situated right in the heart of the Rue Saint Honoré fashion district. So, dress to impress as you may run into one of Paris’ top models at this exclusive bar. The bar hosts many wealthy jetsetters in addition to those who are just curious to get a taste of the finest parts of life. During Paris Fashion Week, the bar comes alive as it hosts pre-and after show drinks. Tip: sit in the courtyard on a nice day!

LuLu White

Located on Rue Frochot, neighbouring the winding streets of Montmartre, LouLou White’s is a great art-deco bar and lounge with decadent drinks. The bar actually specializes in absinthe-laced cocktails, and its name comes from the New Orleans brothel madam Lulu White! You may walk past it though, as the bar is very discreet and offers no windows from the street.  Sip on tasty cocktails as you take in unique interior decor including mirrored ceilings and counters in polished marble. Whether you’re a local, or just visiting, you’ll impress someone by bringing them to Lulu White!