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Promoting A Glow: N4 Skincare’s Natural Treatments

If you’re looking for perfect skin, you’ve come to the right place. Behind the wildly successfully N4 Skincare are Los Angeles native sisters Natalie and Nadia Aguilar. As the faces behind N4 Skincare, the sisters are on a mission to offer harmless skincare alternatives that focus on giving skin a natural glow with vitamins and hydration.

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Both women, as well as men claim these two sisters are life savers when it comes to their skin, and celebrities, and non-celebs alike book appointments regularly so Natalie and Nadia can offer non-invasive skincare and natural treatments for their skin, including peels and more. The sisters realize that no two clients are alike though.  They customize each treatment, as they know each person’s skin is completely different than the next.

We sat down with the N4 Skincare sisters to learn more about how they help their clients get flawless and healthy skin:

What does the name N4 Skincare mean? And how did you come up with that name?

N4 is short for “Nurse Natalie, Nurse Nadia.” The number 4 is also our favorite number!

What is Nadia’s roll at N4 Skincare?

Nadia is one of our nurses who oversees the day-to-day operations of the business and manages, and coordinates, our client database. She’s typically the first person clients speak to and meet. She can literally remember all of our client’s names and faces after just one visit!

What is Natalie’s roll at N4 Skincare?

Natalie is N4’s senior nurse-aesthetician. She is fully committed to help heal, and care for her client’s skin. She is so invested that she is always studying, and researching, about new innovative skincare methods, and products, to integrate into our skincare protocols. She is often invited to teach skincare courses throughout the nation and is simply genius at what she does. You’ve definitely seen some of the many celebrity faces she’s cared for on international, red carpet events.

How do you research to find the products that work for your clients?

Natalie is so obsessed with the efficacy of the skincare product that we use at N4, that she even has her very own chemistry kit. This kit allows her to check the pH, active percentages, and the moisture level in many of our products.

We are well-versed in hundreds of different skincare brands and have tried almost everything out in the beauty market; including both medical-grade and over-the-counter retail products. We make sure to look into products, and brands, that are backed by clinical studies and research.

The best way is to ultimately try the products on ourselves first. We once applied a certain TCA peel, at home, and literally ran around screaming. We instantly knew we could NEVER use this peel on a client.

Natalie, you’re a nurse, which I find amazing, how do you incorporate your skills in skincare with your clients?

With over 17 years of experience in the skincare industry, I can honestly say that I live and breath skincare. Too often I have clients come in to see me for their skin’s corrective care from laser burns, uneven peels, or injectables.

I am extremely proud to be a nurse because I have the knowledge of the potential side effects, and risks, from several aesthetic/medical treatments which gives me the ability to help repair my clients’ skin. I am also familiar with many medications, and illnesses, and how they impact the overall skin health of my clients. I understand that clients with diabetes, or an auto- immune disease, or who are receiving chemotherapy require very special care.

I did the Cosmelan peel with you, Natalie, which I love. What other peels would you recommend and why?

Where do I even start? I love chemicals! Though peels are not for everyone, I take my client’s history, lifestyle, and goals into consideration prior to performing a peel. I took several Chemistry courses throughout my educational career and learned how to work with single acids, as well as how to mix acids to create custom peels. Some peels, for example, like the highly active ascorbic acid (vitamin c) is considered a peel, but there is actually no visible flakiness or peeling involved. I love recommending this peel to my clients who have zero downtime for peeling and who may even go on film the next day.

Side note: I do not perform peels on clients during the summer. Peel season, for me, starts in October and ends in the beginning of May; here in LA.

What’s your favorite anti-aging product, and why?

This question just isn’t fair! That’s like asking @charroxstylist who her favorite designer is! Haha! Currently, our favorite treatment/product is one that involves a live, embryonic stem cells. Yes, live stem cells! For overall skin health, and wellness, the stem cells are flash frozen, thawed, and infused into the body via intravenous infusion. This treatment is performed alongside our good friend, and mentor, Wynnson Tom M.D. and, albeit expensive, is a treatment sought out by many of our celeb clientele.

Here, at N4 Skincare, we also carry a high-end, medical grade stem cell line that we absolutely love available for retail.

Natalie, do you use holistic approach in your skincare treatments? If so, what are they?

I always use a holistic approach as I have to take my client’s physical health, emotional health, as well as their social life into consideration prior to creating their treatment. I have clients that are constantly traveling, and clients that are emotionally exhausted and all of this takes a toll on our skin health. I also have clients who come to me with acne after spending thousands of dollars on products and treatments that didn’t work for them. It is my job to be honest and to have integrity in order to gain their trust.

I do this by taking a more holistic approach to my methods, and by educating my clients about diet, lifestyle, and what they put on their skin. With this approach, I am able to monitor specific ingredients, used on my current clients, in order to help them achieve their skin goals.

What is a proper skincare routine?

In my opinion, basic skin hygiene should include:
1.) Cleanser – for your unique skin type (AM/PM)
2.) Moisturizer – for your unique skin type and (AM/PM) 3.) Sunscreen (AM and every 2-3 hours during the day)

An advanced skincare routine would include a few additional products, that are suitable for your skin, such as a serum (like vitamin c or Hyaluronic acid), and an eye cream. It would look something like this:

  1. Cleanser – for your unique skin type (AM/PM)
  2. Serum – for your unique skin type (AM/PM)
  3. Moisturizer – for your unique skin type (AM/PM) 5.) Eye Cream (AM/PM)
  4. Sunscreen (AM and every 2-3 hours during the day)

Lastly, a professional skincare routine may incorporate exfoliants such as a face scrub or acid wipe like Glycolic or mandelic acid, retinols, and devices such as facial lifting wands and LED light therapy and may look similar to this:

  1. Cleanser – for your unique skin type (AM/PM)
  2. Exfoliant – scrub or acid wipe (PM)
  3. Face masks/devices (as needed)
  4. Serum – for your unique skin type (AM/PM)
  5. Treatment/Retinol (PM)
  6. Moisturizer -for your unique skin type and (AM/PM)
  7. Eye Cream (AM/PM)
  8. Sunscreen (AM and every 2-3 hours during the day)
If someone is skeptical about the stem cell eye treatment, what are the steps and results?

The first step is a consultation. We would want to ensure that you are candidate for the treatment. We would avoid the treatment if any allergies to the ingredients are present, the skin looks irritated or sensitive, and if there were any recent injectables like Botox or filler.

Beginning the treatment, we first cleanse and prepare the upper and lower eyelid. We then mark the areas around the the eyes to ensure an even application. We apply a peel that is specifically made for the delicate eye area. After the peel, the skin is able to absorb the stem cells and a precious eye cream. The treatment also creates a stimulation that increases circulation and collagen formation.

The next step is a treatment called “nappage technique.” This includes a sterile tip that rapidly dances on the skin around the eye. This technique assists in the absorption of the stem cells and hyaluronic acid serum. The treatment is complete with an advanced eye cream that contains “hydroxy succinimide” which allows the fluid responsible for “puffy eyes” to get flushed.

The stem cell eye mask treatment is recommended weekly, for 5 consecutive weeks. The result is a smoother, brighter, firmer, more lifted and less puffy eye area!

What are the top 5 treatments asked for at N4 Skincare?

Our most requested treatment is our custom facial. This facial is personalized to meet our client’s unique skin needs and can include several different treatments depending on what the skin needs that day.

We vote that our favorite treatment is our Lifting Facial. Our Lifting Facial includes our perfected microdermabrasion technique, combined with our Venus Legacy radio frequency, collagen infusion to lift and tone facial skin.

Another top treatment is our popular C5, which is a treatment that includes 5 potent layers of vitamin c.

The Stem Cell Eye treatment is also a staple here at N4. It’s perfect for anyone looking to enhance the delicate eye area.

What are the pros and cons working with family?

As sisters, Natalie and I really know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Which is ideal when seeking a business partner out. We are able to compliment each other and are therefore able to stay out of one another’s way in order to keep the business balanced.

One con about working with your sibling is not being able to talk about how work is going…because we already know that answer!