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Charlene Roxborough Konsker’s 11 Must Know Styling Tips for Women and Men

Style plays such and important role in our lives. As a stylist nothing is better than creating an image for a client that enhances their lifestyle. The key to shopping is stay within your budget, find the right stores, and supplement what’s needed into your wardrobe.


1. Confidence Is Key!

My 2 second rule is if you have to ask several people in a room what their thoughts are on the look you’re wearing, then it means what you have on is not the right look for you. The best reactions are natural ones. Trust your instinct! If it feels good and looks good your confidence will shine.

2. Wear The Right Underpinnings

Choosing the right underpinnings is essential to a smooth and fitted look.

Crop Top: Hanro Touch Feeling Seamless Crop Top

3. Purchase The Right Style For Your Shape – Know Your Silhouette

When it comes to styling yourself, keep in mind that you should focus on you and what best shapes your body. Find an ensemble that gives you a modern look and feel.

4. Staying In Shape Is Key To Looking Your Best

This saying will never get old. If you feel great on the inside you will exude confidence on the outside. Stay in shape and you will not only look your best, but feel great, too.

5. Wear Neutral Tones With A Pop Of Color When Necessary

Keeping your wardrobe timeless is key. Then, add a pop of color as an accessory.

Belt: Jacquemus Bello Pebbled Leather Bag Belt

6. Stay Away From Stripes

Stripes can be very tricky on any body shape. If you love stripes, try vertical ones as it will elongate your frame keeping you looking tall and lean.

Trousers: Stella McCartney Slit-Ankle Side-Stripe Wool Trousers


7. At Night, Carry An Evening Purse, Not A Large Bag

A smaller purse is more elegant at night, unless you are planning to stay the night out. It should fit in the palm of your hands.

Bag: Paco Rabanne Iconic 1969 Chain Shoulder Bag

8. Stay Away From Mom Jeans – Stick With High Waisted

High-waisted jeans are a much better fit for any event you’re going to. It helps elongate your torso, making you look taller, and cinches your waist. Try a pair of denim jeans from Acne Studios – they’re one of my favorite brands.

Jeans: Acne Studios Melik High Rise Tapered Jeans

9. Be Your Own Muse and Stay True To Your Own Style

Create your own vision. Personal style is key to your identity. Sure, we’re all victims of paying homage to many fashion icons, but remember you are your own muse!

10. A Great Pair of Shoes Completes Your Look

Nothing completes an outfit quite like a great pair of shoes! And, you can never have too many options to choose from. The first step in selecting the best style is a pair of heels, or boots that enhance your look, rather than ones that compete with your outfit. Having a great selection of different shoes in many colors is a must for any woman!

Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Lamé 105 Plissé-Cuff Stiletto Sandals


11. Keep Your Seamstress On Speed Dial

Build a great relationship with your seamstress. They will know how to contour your look to your body and be completely honest to give you the perfect fit.



1. Take pride in yourself – appearance is everything!

When you make it look effortless, you exude confidence.


2. Be Consistent With Your Style

Consistency is everything! This doesn’t mean you can’t wear something out of the box, but stay true to who you are by wearing styles and accessories that you feel comfortable in.

3. Invest In A Suit That Suits You

Every man should own a great suit regardless of your budget. You never know when the right suit is needed for that perfect occasion. Invest in a suit that works for you, and not what you see on the runway. Try options and see which one makes you look your best. Depending on your body type, a double-breasted suit may be best for you. Keep an open mind and see which style enhances your look!

Suit: Burberry Soho Single-Breasted Wool Blend Suit


4. Keep Your Color Tones Neutral

Stay true to colors like grey, white, navy, charcoal, black and tan. Nothing is better than wearing neutral tones – they keep your style dapper and clean.


5. Denim Is Always A Good Mix In Your Wardrobe

Fashion history proves that wearing denim will never go out of style. Denim is a daily uniform. It’s a great staple to incorporate into your style for a casual or suited look.

Denim Jeans: WARDROBE.NYC X Levi’s Slim-Fit Jeans


Timepiece Watch

6. Own A Great Timepiece

A great watch says a lot about a man’s personality. Wear a watch that is a conversation piece.


7. A Great Tailor Is The Key To Looking Dapper

A skilled tailor is like a fine artist! Find a great one, and they will make all the adjustments to make your clothes fit impeccably!


8. Invest In Accessories

Choose the right accessories that compliment your outfit. From sunglasses, scarfs, belts, and of course a great shoes, these accessories will help add an extra element to your look. Keep it minimal and chic!

Sunglasses: Saint Laurent Classic 11 Aviator Metal Sunglasses
Scarf: Acne Studios Canada Fringed Wool Scarf

Mens Tee Shirt White

9. Always Keep T-Shirts On Hand

T-Shirts are not only classic and comfortable, but they give off an effortless and understated style. Always have t-shirts in colors like white, grey and black.

Tee: Comme Des Garcons T-Shirt

10. Steer Clear of Thick Stripes, Wide Ties and Pleated Pants

Thick stripes on any style is not very flattering. Like thick stripes, wide ties look and pleated pants look dated. Flat-front pants and skinnier ties will make you look thinner and offer a more polished look!

Tie: Givenchy Diagonal-Stripe Silk-Twill Tie


Dunhill Weekend Bag

11. Invest In A Great Weekend Bag

A weekend bag is the perfect accessory to take with you wherever you go – pack it with your favorite travel items. It’s an essential part of your trip and a stylish addition to your ensemble.

Weekend Bag: Dunhill Duke Leather Weekend Bag