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Best Perfumes and Fragrances to Wear This Summer

Hot summer days call for fresh summer scents. And, while you don’t have to switch it up if you use a daily perfume, the following are some great new fragrances if you are looking for delicate, and more refreshing smells to replace those winter ones!

Chanel – Gardenia

This light summery fresh scent is perfect for summer! Smell the different layers of the notes on your skin from this clean, yet intensely feminine fragrance. Gardenia is saturated with fresh greens and lush gardenia petals – an ode to the flower closest in character to Mademoiselle Chanel’s beloved camellia.  Recommendation: Apply to pulse points for an especially sensual experience and to achieve an elegant, long-lasting effect.



L’Artisan Parfumeur - MimosaL’Artisan Parfumeur – Mimosa

Made in France, the sweet and clean scent is mixed with vanilla and is an exquisitely blended fragrance for women that was launched in 1992 by the design house of LArtisan Parfumeur. The green floral scent features a delightful and lovely composition of violet leaf, cassis, vanilla, and mimosa which make your skin feel fresh with delicate notes that last all day long. Wear this subtle fragrance whenever you want to feel your feminine best, whether at work or out on a date.


Milieu RoseMilieu Rose

The superb scent of Milieu Rosa is best characterized by overlapping layers of petals from top to bottom. Bright, soft, sweet and woodsy, the radiant floral composition is not musky or powdery – it’s just rose petals, peonies and a little wood and leaves. If you love roses, you’ll love this scent. There are other elements though, but it is mostly a fresh rose smell from start to finish! Use only one or two sprays which should last for most of the day. It is also soft enough to wear for every day use.



ByredoByredo Pulp Eau de Parfum

This terrific unisex scent mixes ripe fruit (think plums) and floral notes of cedarwood. The delicious scent of this Byredo will have you obsessed as it is one of those unique scents you won’t find in any other fragrance. The smell is vibrant and pure, and simply intoxicating. Spray just a tiny bit as you’ll just need a little to last throughout the day!